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About Advancial

1937 Atlantic Federal Credit Union is founded with the following eight members: H. F. See, T. R. Murtha, Carle F. Sharp, R. A. Hamilton, J. K. Rogers, Joe B. Williams, W. R. Hamrick, S. W. Russell
1971 Receive federal deposit insurance granted through NCUA.
1978 Membership size reaches 12,000.
1981 Share draft accounts are offered to members.
1983 First company computer is purchased.
1987 The 50th Anniversary is celebrated.
1991 Credit card programs are established.
2001 Rebranding: Atlantic Federal Credit Union becomes Advancial.
2002 Reach over $500 million in total assets.
2003 Money Musketeers program is introduced to youth members.
2005 Dinero Teens program is introduced to teen members.
2009 Advancial Mortgage is created.
2012 Assets reach over $1 billion and have membership of 75,000 members.
With a history dating back to 1937, Advancial is an established and proactive full-service financial institution providing personal, convenient and innovative financial services to individuals and select group partners.

Advancial's primary mission is to anticipate the needs of its users by providing timely, unbiased and intimate financial advice and a full array of technology-enabled products and services that deliver exceptional value. Since Advancial's foundation the ability to provide high level service to members has relied on technological advancements. Over the years Advancial's product offering has been most impacted by technology and starting in the 1970's and 1980's Advancial was able to provide a wider range of products and services to provide fast and easy banking to members.

Advancial delivers financial security and the knowledge to help our clients plan and grow a successful financial future. A substantial investment is made into getting to know each individual in order to provide personalized financial solutions. Each individual's banking experience is given the highest priority and care. Advancial provides a unique and convenient banking experience as a result of the implementation of a number of initiatives, advances in technology and branch office designs that always make each person feel welcome.