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Advancial Debit/ATM Card

Enjoy cash access and worldwide purchasing power with an Advancial debit/ATM card. While it looks like a Visa® credit card, it works like a check for cash access and purchases anywhere you see the Visa logo, even places that don't accept checks.

Take advantage of all the benefits an Advancial debit card offers:
  • Earn Debit Rewards at the rate of 1 point for every $5 spent
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • More convenient than a check
  • Offers account information and cash access to your checking and savings account from thousands of ATMs around the world
  • Transactions automatically deducted from your checking account and itemized on your monthly statement
  • Does not carry interest like credit cards
  • Protected with Visa's Zero Liability Policy and Verified by Visa
Activate in cuAnywhere*

*Under the Manage tab, select “Card Management”

Lost Debit/ATM Card

Business hours: 800.322.2709
International calls:

Verified by Visa

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