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Other Loan Types

Advancial strives to meet every aspect of your financial needs. 

Savings Secured Loan
A savings secured loan allows you to borrow money and build your credit without an extensive credit history. You may use your own money as collateral from your saving account or a Certificate of Deposit. If you are establishing or building credit, sometimes using a family member’s collateral may be a better option for you to borrow the money at a more affordable rate. Once the loan is paid off, the collateral is released.

Stock Secured Loan
Our stock secured loan uses your original stock certificate as collateral for your loan. Your loan amount can be up to 75 percent of the current stock value. All stocks must be traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Student Loans
Advancial's student loans are a great way to fund you or your child's college tuition with a lender you trust. Full time students attending an accredited university or college are eligible for our student loan program. 

Disaster Assistance Loan
We know the insurance claim process may take a long time - and sometimes it just isn’t enough. If you’re in need of some extra help at a low rate, our Disaster Assistance Loan may be a good choice for you.