General FAQs

How do I know what my payoff amount is on my loan?

The payoff amounts will be listed in the Account detail screen for each loan and/or credit card.

Do I need software from Advancial?

No, all you need is a Web browser and access to the Internet. 

How do I change the PIN on my debit or credit card?

You can now select your own PIN for your debit or credit card – or change your existing PIN – with just a simple phone call. Call the number included with your card or call the Member Service Center at 1.800.322.2709 and have your card on hand when you call. It's that easy!

How do I find a branch location or ATM near me?

Simply click on our locations page to find a branch or ATM near you.

How do I find the branch hours?

Click on the locations page to find the branch's current hours.

How do I wire funds?

Advancial’s wire transfer service allows convenient fund transfers to and from accounts anywhere in the world.

If you are using online banking, follow the wire instructions below: 
  • Click on "Move Money" in the menu bar
  • Select "Send or Receive Wire"
  • Follow the prompts for either "Income Wire" or "Outgoing Wire" 
You may also visit any local branch or call our Member Service Center at 800.322.2709 to use this service. 

How do I initiate a direct deposit and how long does it take before I will see the money in my account?

You will need to provide your payroll department with our ABA Routing and Transit number (311078857) as well as your Advancial account number. Your Advancial account number should consist of seven (7) or eight (8) digits - the first five (5) or six (6) digits are your account number and the next two (2) digits are the account type suffix. Click here for more detailed instructions on setting up direct deposit.

It typically takes 30 days for the direct deposit to start going into your account.

How do I apply for membership?

If you qualify for membership, simply download the Membership Application. Once the application is filled out, you can either bring it to your local Advancial branch or mail it in to 1845 Woodall Rodgers, Ste. 1300, Dallas, TX  75201.

How do I change my address?

To change your address, you can log onto cuAnywhere® Online Banking, navigate to the Manage tab and click My Info, then select Edit. You can also send your request in writing, including your signature, to our Member Service Center.

What is the loan payoff address?

You may mail checks payable to Advancial Federal Credit Union at 1845 Woodall Rodgers Fwy., Ste. 1300 Dallas, TX 75201.

What is the routing number?