Rates effective from 06/01/2018 through 06/30/2018

All rates listed below as Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  3 yrs.4 yrs.5 yrs.6 yrs.7 yrs.10 yrs.12 yrs.15 yrs.
Auto Loans
Automobiles¹ As low as 3.51% As low as 3.72% As low as 3.85% As low as 4.14% As low as 4.70%
Lease Contact your branch or call us at 1.800.322.2709 for more information and help finding your next vehicle.
Motor Homes, Travel Trailers & Boats¹ As low as 5.79% As low as 5.85% As low as 5.90% As low as 5.91% As low as 5.95% As low as 6.06% As low as 6.17%
Motorcycles, Jet Skis, ATVs & Pop-up Campers¹ As low as 5.87% As low as 5.90% As low as 5.95% As low as 6.00%

1All interest rates shown as Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and reflect the lowest available rates for the products advertised. To qualify for our lowest vehicle loan rates, you must have excellent credit and sign up for automatic payments. Advertised rate will increase .20% without automatic payments enrollment. For automobiles with mileage over 100,000 add 2% to the advertised rate. For classic cars (25+ years) add 1% to the advertised rate. Auto loan rates may be adjusted up to .50% lower or higher based on the final loan-to-value amount. Loans secured by new or used collateral are subject to the collateral’s MSRP or NADA Retail value at the time of the loan. MSRP or NADA Retail value greater than $20,000 required for 6-year automobile terms and greater than $35,000 for 7-year automobile terms. Actual rates are disclosed to approved applicants prior to loan consummation.

Monthly payment amounts vary by loan term and rate. For example, a loan amount of $20,000 over 60 months at an APR of 3.91% would yield a payment of $366.89. 

  3 yrs.4 yrs.5 yrs.6 yrs.7 yrs.10 yrs.15 yrs.
Home Equity Loans
Home Equity Line of Credit As low as 5.50%
Home Equity and Improvement As low as 5.58% As low as 5.59% As low as 5.64% As low as 5.75% As low as 5.82% As low as 5.89% As low as 5.93%

Home Equity Loans (No Terms)

  3 yrs.4 yrs.5 yrs.6 yrs.7 yrs.
Personal Loans
Disaster Assistance Loans 5.58% 5.59% 5.64% 5.75% 5.82%
True Line of Credit As low as 8.90%
Signature Loan As low as 8.90%
Savings-Secured Loan 2.10%
Stock-Secured Loan As low as 4.96% As low as 5.75% As low as 5.98%
Student Loan 5.25%
Personal Loans (No Terms)
  3 yrs. 4 yrs. 5 yrs. 6 yrs. 7 yrs.
Disaster Assistance Loans3

Loans subject to the following disclosures: 
Home Equity Line of Credit Rate is as low as 5.50% until 7/31/2018. After 7/31/2018, the rate will be based on WSJ Prime + 2.5% or + 3.5%.
Rate you receive is based on credit worthiness. No application fee. Interest only during the draw period.
Maximum APR 18%. Minimum loan advance $4,000.

The True Line of Credit term is open-ended, the rate is variable and the max APR is 18%.
The Signature Loan term is closed-ended.
Savings-Secured Loans are quoted at 2% above the certificate pledged as collateral.
Student loan rate is prime + 1% which changes July 1 of every year.

3 Disaster Assistance Loans are subject to the following disclosures:
All interest rates shown as Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
Terms are personalized for each member.
Rate will be based on term selected.
Maximum term of 84 months.
Maximum loan amount of $20,000.
Documented proof of loss or purchase of preventative measures may be required. Examples of proof of loss are (1) copy of a submitted FEMA application, (2) copy of a submitted insurance claim, (3) photos of property damage, (4) copy of contractor’s bid to repair damages or (5) purchase order or invoice for a preventative improvement, including but not limited to a storm cellar, a hardwired generator or storm windows.

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