Security Center

Identity Theft

Members can feel confident that Advancial employees will never initiate correspondence asking for a Social Security number, PIN number, credit card number or check/ATM card number. Also, every page on Advancial’s website is secure and should have the lock symbol at the bottom of the browser window. If a member visits a site that appears to be Advancial’s and doesn’t include the lock symbol, he or she should contact Advancial immediately.

Contact our Fraud Department if you have become a victim of Identity Theft:

Toll-Free 800.838.3512
Dallas Area 972.201.1820
Fax 214.880.9504

Learn more about steps you can take if you have become a victim of identity theft.

Contact Information

Federal Trade Commission
877.IDTHEFT (438.4338)

Social Security Fraud Hotline

Internet Fraud Complaint Center

Order a report: 800.685.1111
Report fraud:888.766.0008

888.EXPERIAN (397.3742)

Trans Union
Order a report: 800.916.8800
Report fraud: 800.680.7289