July 24, 2012

HOUSTON— Advancial Federal Credit Union has been recognized as a shortlisted nominee for The Forum for Expatriate Management’s EMMA (Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards). Advancial’s category in the America’s division is the “International Benefits Provider of the Year (Large)” and consists of other benefits providers such as MetLife and Aetna International.

“We’re very pleased to be recognized for this honor,” says Lauren Stockard, Advancial’s Business Relations Manager of the Houston area. “Advancial is well-deserving of this award because of the wide range of products and services we offer to expatriates that other financial institutions do not offer.”

The Forum for Expatriate Management received over 500 entries for the 2012 EMMA awards (Americas division). Requirements to enter into the EMMAs included a 150 word summary as to why the company deserves the award, a one to two page supporting statement and testimonials from clients. With over 24 categories of awards ranging from “Best Family Support Program” to “Most Effective Relocation Management Strategy” the exclusive group of shortlisted companies is a collection of those striving to offer the best products and services to a unique group of employees. Finalists will be announced on September 13, 2012 at the Global Mobility Summit in Las Vegas.

One of the largest obstacles for expatriates is getting financially settled in the United States. Advancial understands this difficulty and attempts to make the financial transition easy for expatriates moving into the U.S. Over the past two years, Advancial has marketed an expatriate program that consists of many unique product offerings for this audience. While other institutions will help with bank accounts, they are not able to offer financial education or high unsecured limits on loans. Advancial is able to offer expatriates credit card limits up to $10,000, auto loans up to $50,000 and multi-million dollar mortgages, upon arrival to the U.S.

“We are always highly impressed with [Advancial’s] service and the financial products that they are able to offer,” said Sharon Pfeffer, Vice President Sales of HomeCorp Relocation & Real Estate Services. “Most financial institutions will not lend to the expatriate population, since they do not have a credit history. Advancial always surprises us with the amounts of loans that they will extend to expats.”

With a history dating back to 1937, Advancial provides a diversified line of advanced financial solutions to its members. Today, Advancial is a full-service financial institution that serves more than 73,000 members worldwide and has assets over $1 billion.