Advancial has been notified by the CFPB and NCUA of a scam targeting people with fraudulent cashier’s checks purporting to be from Advancial. Individuals receive these checks by mail and they’re presented as a part of a “secret shopper” program. They’re instructed to contact “Courtney Sanders” to let them know they received their assignment. They’re instructed not to tell anyone about the program.
The individual is instructed to cash the fraudulent check and then take the funds to purchase a variety of gift cards. Once they’ve purchased those gift cards, they’re instructed to fill out a survey where they’ll submit the gift card numbers. They’re told if they do it quickly they’ll receive a “bonus” payment. This rush is a key detail – the fraudster needs the individual to act quickly before the check they cashed gets returned and the victim realizes they’ve been defrauded.
This scam is in no way affiliated with Advancial. If you receive one of these scam communications, DO NOT cash the check or follow any of the instructions. Contact Advancial directly via phone at 800.322.2709.