Steep cab fees and car rentals are some of the best ways to kill a vacation budget. Read on for five ways to get around for less while on your dream vacation. 
1.) Share a ride 
Ridesharing companies, like Uber and Lyft, are changing the way people get from point A to point B all around the world. If you haven’t already done so, download each service’s app and input your information so you can order and pay for a ride in just seconds while on vacation. To compare prices from both services at a glance, check out apps like RideGuru and RideshareApps. 
2.) Hop on a bus or board a train 
Buses and trains can be an affordable, convenient and enjoyable way to get around in many countries. Western Europe, in particular, is famous for its super-efficient public transportation system. 
Do your research before using public transportation. It may be worth your while to purchase a daily or weekly pass for unlimited rides on the city’s bus or train system. If you’ll be visiting several different countries in Europe, consider purchasing a Eurail pass to help you get from country to country in an easy, inexpensive way. 
3.) Rent or borrow a bike 
Pedaling your way through town is becoming increasingly popular in major cities throughout the world. For a nominal fee, you can explore the city up close, help keep the air clean and get a wonderful workout at the same time. 
4.) Take a walk 
Instead of calling a cab or Uber, consider walking. In many crowded cities with an impossible traffic problem and expensive parking fees, this can actually be a faster way to get around. 
5.) Rent a car 
Sometimes, the best way to get around when on vacation is by rental car. This is especially true if you’re traveling to a city that is not known for its efficient public transportation system and/or if you’ll be staying in your vacation spot for a while. 
Before you sign up for a rental, keep these tips in mind: 
  • Book early. For the best deals, keep a watch on car rentals in the area you’ll be visiting in the weeks (or even months) leading up to your vacation. Car rentals sometimes offer random deals on their rentals, but only for tourists who book during a specific window.
  • Don’t rent a car at the airport. On-the-spot car rentals at the airport tend to inflate their prices according to demand.
  • Go small. A compact car will be cheaper, easier to maneuver through narrow roads and simpler to park in crowded spaces.
Happy travels!