Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, fraudsters are preying on consumer vulnerability and trying to take advantage of people like you. Recently, consumers have reported new fraud schemes related to scheduling and paying for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Beware of unsolicited offers from someone claiming to be from a medical office, an insurance company or a COVID-19 vaccine clinic.  Legitimate government officials or health care professionals will not request payment to secure your vaccination eligibility. Keep in mind, you cannot buy the vaccine online or pay in advance to receive early access.


Key tips to remember:

  • Never give out your Social Security number, personal banking information or your debit or credit card information to unverified or unknown sources.  Scammers often steal personal information to fraudulently bill federal health care programs and commit identity theft.
  • Be cautious of phishing text messages or emails that appear to come from a reputable company or government agency.  These types of messages often contain several recipients and generic greetings without an individual’s name.  They often also contain numerous grammatical and spelling errors. An easy way to verify the legitimacy of an email is to hover over the email address or click to see the details of the sender. Often this email address will have numbers and a suspicious domain.
  • Be vigilant of emails and/or text messages insisting that you “Act Now!”  Do not download attachments from these messages. They often present a risk of loading malware onto your device.
  • If you receive a call and you are unsure of its legitimacy, simply hang up and call the agency or organization directly using the information that is publicly posted on their website.
Scammers often attempt to pose as an employee of the credit union to gain access to your account.  Advancial will never call you and ask you to verify your debit card, credit card or online banking information. If you receive a call from Advancial and you are unsure if it is Advancial, simply hang up and call us directly at 800.322.2709 or email us at msc@advancial.org.