vacation memories

Buying souvenirs on a family trip can be fun, but it's wise to use money for something meaningful. The next time you travel, don’t just buy what’s at the gift shop. Instead, try to think of a creative way to remember your trip. Here are just a few ideas:

Create a memory book or keepsake box. Collect a few postcards, add ticket stubs, maps, menus and notes about new experiences and other little items from your trip. This is a great way to remember what was special, memorable or funny.

Make a playlist. Download your favorite and most-listened-to songs and local music from the areas you travel. Your playlist will bring you back to your vacation anytime.

Create your own magnets. Use your travel photos, maps or even business cards from the hotels or restaurants you visited.

Send a postcard to yourself. Classic postcards are a great way to preserve your travel memories. Try getting creative with apps like MyPostcard that allow you to use your own photos to create and send unique postcards right from directly your phone!

Create a memory video. With online video makers like Animoto, you can use your vacation photos to create personalized videos with text and music. You can also export and share them with friends and family!

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