Asset Depletion Program

High net-worth borrowers often require special attention beyond traditional underwriting guidelines. These borrowers have unique credit history and financial stability. Our well-trained team supports you with structuring complex income scenarios to meet debt ratio guidelines. We’re dedicated to making the transaction smooth and seamless.


  • No pledged assets required
  • Max 80% LTV
  • Can be combined with all other sources of income
  • Income is calculated using Advancial's asset depletion calculator 
  • Max loan amount of $5,000,000 including cash-out refinance
  • All occupancy and collateral types allowed
Program Details
Lending Area Available in all 50 states
Loan Sizes Up to $5 MM
Acceptable Collateral SFR, 1-4 Family, High-rise Condo, Condo, Condotel, Co-op, Acreage, Hobby  Farms, Second Homes, NOO
LTV Loan Amount

Up to 80% LTV allowed to $2.5 MM

See Rate Sheet for collateral LTV restrictions.


May be combined with other income

See Asset Depletion Calculator Contact AE for details.

Foreign National Eligibility

(Non-U.S. Residents)


See Foreign National Program sheet for details.

Work Visa/ Expatriate/ Immigrant Eligibility


See Work Visa/Expatriate/Immigrant Loan Program sheet for details.

Cash Out

Loan amounts up to $5 MM with unlimited cash in hand

Cash out proceeds may be used in the Asset Depletion Calculator on a case by case basis.

No seasoning requirements on all collateral types including NOO

Pre Approval All loans pre-approved before appraisal order “TBD Address” pre-approvals accepted
Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers Allowed at max 75% LTV

See Guidelines for details.
Rush Closings

> 2 week rush closings available

Call your AE for details.

Gifted down payment / Gifted Reserves / Gift of Equity Yes