Money growing There’s an age-old saying: “Take care of your money so that your money can take care of you.” What it means is that if you’re careful with your money now – saving it as much as you can and limiting your expenses – you’ll likely have more money for yourself in the future.
When you were younger, someone may have bought you a piggy bank to keep in your bedroom to help you save your coins and bills. You may even still have it! But now that you’re older and potentially have more money coming in through a job, gifts or allowance, it’s smart to save your money somewhere that actually pays you for safeguarding your cash.
A great place to start and keep saving your money is with Advancial, through our Dinero Teens Program. Advancial created the Dinero Teens Program specifically to help teens like you get a great head-start on becoming financially independent AND learning valuable information on how to be a good steward of your money.
Think of all of the great benefits you enjoy as a part of Dinero, including:
  • A competitive Dinero savings account – Teens can open this account with as little as $5 and start earning dividends on account balances of $100 or more. And, unlike with similar accounts offered by banks, there’s no monthly service charge! By regularly putting your money here, your funds can quickly add up!
  • A special Dinero checking account – Designed specifically for teens, Dinero checking offers a free debit/ATM card, debit card rewards and unlimited free ATM withdrawals – all without a monthly service fee!
  • A Dinero Visa® credit card – Our Dinero Visa credit card is the ideal “first” credit card for teens because there is no annual fee, it offers rewards points on all purchases and it features a low interest rate on monthly balances. It’s available to Dinero members age 16 or older with a qualified co-borrower.
  • A great Dinero starter certificate – Interested in earning a dividend rate that’s greater than a savings account? With a Dinero starter certificate, in exchange for just $250 or more, you’ll earn a higher dividend rate, plus be able to withdraw your funds after just one year without penalty.
  • The Carl R. Young Memorial Scholarships – Are you a high school senior, or a junior who’s planning on graduating early, and planning to attend college? If so, you should apply for our $2,500 Carl R. Young Memorial Scholarships awarded each year. Named in honor of a longtime Advancial board member and volunteer, these scholarships are open to Dinero members.
To learn more about any of the high-quality Dinero financial tools designed just for teens, visit us here.