Teen with a clock

Teens have a lot on their plates these days – just look at what Erin juggles in her schedule every week:

  • Going to school and studying
  • Soccer practice, workouts and games
  • Playing flute in band
  • Working part-time at a pizzeria
  • Volunteering at a pet shelter
  • Helping with chores at home

On top of this, she also wants to make time for family and friends – and social media only adds to the expectations of staying connected. If your plate is full like Erin’s, effective time management is key. It helps you decide which things are urgent and which can wait. Here are four ideas on how to get started: 

1.     Put Your Schedule in Writing

 Create an online calendar to sync to your smartphone, or buy a planner and keep it handy. Fill in all your scheduled activities first (school, work, studying, etc.), then add the other things you need to work in (social engagements, chores, family time, etc.). Use calendar updates to add new events as they come up. Tip: color code each activity to stay more organized.

2.     Review Your Time Commitments

Do you feel like you don't have time to breathe? Take a hard look at your schedule to see if you can cut back on things such as work hours or volunteering. If your schedule is super packed, consider eliminating one or more of your activities, at least in the short term. Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself.

3.     Control Procrastination

Putting off things until the last minute or missing deadlines because you waited too long to start something is procrastination. It’s also stressful. Start projects or homework early and break tasks into smaller ones to help keep you on track.   

4.     Evaluate Your Happiness

Everyone needs balance in their life. Extracurricular activities like sports or band can help enhance your learning and help you with social interactions and leadership opportunities. Spending time with friends is also important for your happiness. If your schedule weighs too heavily one way or the other, consider making adjustments.

Need help managing your finances?

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