These presentations provide more detailed descriptions of our loan programs and the advantage to financing through Advancial.

Asset Depletion Presentation

Asset depletion allows borrowers of any age to use their assets as an additional or sole source of income.

Co-op, Non-Warrantable Condo and Condotel Presentation

This program is ideal for those looking to purchase a condo, co-op or condotel that does not qualify for conventional financing.

Foreign National Presentation

This program is designed for Foreign Nationals purchasing a vacation or investment property in the United States. No U.S. credit or foreign credit required.

Work Visa Presentation

This program is for non-U.S. citizens, or foreign borrowers, who are relocating to the United States for employment or are currently living in the U.S. as a W2 wage earner but do not have established credit.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Advancial Presentation

We like to go above and beyond. Here are ten more reasons to choose Advancial.

Trailing Residence Removal

This option allows for the removal of a departing residence from DTI and reserves. It can also provide short term cash out loans on a departing residence with the proceeds used for down payment on a new home.