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    About Advancial

    We're in it for our members. Not for profits.

    Advancial was founded in 1937 to provide our members with a safe and affordable place to keep and borrow money.

    We’ve built our business by finding creative solutions when traditional banking failed to meet our members’ unique needs.

    In 1998, our members working on oil rigs in the middle of the ocean and on the North Slope of Alaska were frustrated that they had to wait to come home from the field to deposit their paychecks. We heard them loud and clear, so we deployed remote deposit capture using flatbed scanners so they could access their money when they needed it.

    Later on, our partner companies asked us to help their expatriate employees who were unable to find a bank that would open an account for them when they relocated to the United States. We didn’t think that was fair, so we created the Inbound USA program to help them start their new life.

    When our members had trouble using their Advancial debit and credit cards overseas, we built a travel notification into our app so that they could conveniently let us know that the charges coming from Italy were from their dream vacation, not from fraud.

    We know that the little things often make the difference, so we make sure every visit to one of our local branches is a sweet one with fully stocked candy dishes in each of our lobbies. We don’t want your four legged family members to feel left out, so we even have treats available for your furry friends in our drive-thrus.

    We’ve volunteered thousands of hours to improve the communities that our members call home – because we call them home, too. Our members are more than account numbers. They’re our friends, our family, and our community. And because we’ve been committed to what’s best for them and not for profit, our members have trusted us to create lasting value for generations.

    So when you’re ready for a change, come join the Advancial family and experience the difference that has helped us grow into one of the largest and oldest credit unions in the country.

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