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    Additional Services


    Wire Transfers with Wise

    We’ve partnered with Wise to make it easier and more affordable for our members to transfer money internationally.
    • Make transfers to 80+ countries with 50+ different currencies
    • Conversions calculated at the mid-market rate
    • Lightning-fast transfers available for several currencies
    • All payments tracked in real-time
    • Available 24/7 through cuAnywhere® Online Banking

    Advanced Direct Deposit

    Enroll in Advanced Direct Deposit and get paid up to two days earlier!2 Simply log in to cuAnywhere Online Banking and click "Enrollments" under the "Manage" tab on your Accounts Summary page.

    Safe Deposit Boxes

    Protect your valuables from fire, theft or other unexpected incidences that can happen at home. Our safe deposit boxes are both secure and affordable.

    Safe Deposit Box Rates (annual rental)
    • 3"x5": $20 (not available at Lafayette location) 
    • 3"x10": $40
    • 5"x10": $65
    • 10"x10": $130
    To rent a safe deposit box at Advancial, please contact one of the following locations:
    South Charlotte Midtown Anchorage Richardson
    Frisco North Dallas River Oaks
    Lafayette Oak Lawn West Houston
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