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    Fraud & Security

    If you think you have been a victim of identity theft or you have had your card stolen or lost, contact Advancial immediately.

    Protecting your privacy and keeping your data secure is our number one priority. 

    Here's how Advancial keeps you and your money safe:

    • We use secure information collection and robust security protocols to keep your personal and financial information secure at all times
    • Our fraud team continuously monitors your account activity to identify any suspicious transactions
    • We alert you immediately when potential fraud is detected so we can stop criminals in their tracks

    You can help us fight fraud by:

    • Keeping your cuAnywhere® Online Banking and Advancial mobile banking app user name and password secret
    • Using strong, unique passwords that are hard to guess
    • Never write your PIN on the back of your debit card
    • Signing up for eStatements 
    • Keeping your contact information, such as your email and cell phone number, up-to-date so we can reach you if we detect suspicious activity

    Know the red flags:

    Scammers use a variety of methods to defraud unsuspecting victims. The most common are fake emails (phishing), text messages and voice calls, but always be alert for new techniques. It is likely a scam if you are:

    • Pressured to send money
    • Threatened with law enforcement action
    • Told to purchase gift cards for payment
    • Asked to send cash, check or a wire transfer to a stranger

    Members can feel confident that Advancial employees will never initiate email correspondence asking for a Social Security Number, PIN number, debit or credit card number or check/ATM card number. Advancial will never call you, text you, or email you and ask you for your username or password. You should be suspicious of any emails, phone calls, or texts that request this information and contact Advancial directly immediately. is Secure

    Every page on Advancial’s website is secure and should have the lock symbol next to the URL along with “https” at the beginning. If you visit a site that appears to be Advancial’s and doesn’t include the lock symbol or https, you should contact Advancial immediately.

    Know the Red Flags

    Red flags: The representative is asking for personal information. Advancial will never ask for your PIN or Social Security Number over the phone.
    Red flags: Government agencies communicate through official channels and do not ask for your personal information over the phone.
    Red flags: The company calls without you initiating contact and requests access to your computer. Legitimate companies do not operate in this way.
    Red flags: The communication is via social media which means you cannot confirm the identity of the person on the other end. Always contact that person directly using the phone number or email you have used before in order to verify the message.
    Red flags: Asking for the difference in a way that you cannot cancel once it is sent. Fraudsters commonly cancel the transaction, leaving you with money that you sent that cannot be reclaimed.

    Privacy Notice

    Learn about the practices and procedures Advancial takes to ensure the continued privacy and confidentiality of your personal financial information.

    Terms of Use

    Please read the following terms of use and disclaimer carefully before using this website.

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