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    Money Musketeers Kids Savings Club

    A fun way to teach your kids about money!

    $5 minimum deposit to open
    Earn rewards from D'Art's Treasure Store
    Quarterly rewards for deposits
    Available starter certificate with $100 minimum to open

    Reward Your Kids for Saving

    D'Art's Treasure Store is packed with fun rewards your kids can earn by saving! They'll earn one D'Art Dollar1 for every $5 deposited into their Money Musketeers savings account. They can view their balance and spend their D'Art Dollars on prizes like gift cards and merchandise in the Treasure Store.

    It's easy to register your child's account. Simply visit the Treasure Store and click Register in the top right-hand corner. You'll need your Money Musketeer's name, zip code and member number.

    Your child will quickly learn how rewarding saving can be!

    1Maximum of 25 D'Art Dollars per quarter.

    Quarterly Deposit Rewards

    Every club member who makes a deposit at least once a quarter receives a reward in the mail. It's super fun for kids to get their own mail, and even better when it's a prize! From airplanes to yo-yo's to coloring books - your child will learn that saving money is rewarding.

    More Youth Options

    Dinero Teens Savings

    Build a firm financial foundation for your teen. Our Dinero Teens savings account establishes your teen's membership with Advancial. With competitive dividend rates and flexible account access, a Dinero savings account is the best savings account for your teen.
    Learn More About Dinero Teens Savings

    Frequently Asked Questions about

    Money Musketeers Kids Savings Club

    Yes, we created the Money Musketeers Program to educate children under the age of 12 about the importance of saving.

    We also offer the Dinero Teens Program for ages 13-18, which includes a savings account, checking account and the opportunity to apply for a Dinero Visa® at age 16. An adult is required to be a joint owner of the Dinero Visa.  
    Visit to get started. Applying for membership online is fast, easy and secure. The process only takes about 10 minutes.

    You’ll need a state issued ID and a credit or debit card to fund the membership savings account. We only require a $5 initial deposit.

    Please note: You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien and at least 18 years of age to apply online.
    You can apply online, by mail or at your local Advancial branch.
    Once you have opened a savings account, you will have access to cuAnywhere® Online Banking. Here, you can open or apply for other accounts and products.
    The minimum balance is $5. The minimum balance to earn dividends is $100.
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    1 Maximum of 25 D’Art Dollars per quarter.
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