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    Advancial @Work

    A no-cost benefit that offers total financial wellness.

    No Downside, Major Upside

    As a credit union, Advancial is a no-cost benefit to your employees, members or residents that allows them access to a variety of money-saving financial products and services. This benefit requires little time or effort on your part – simply sit back and let Advancial bring all of the benefits of membership to you.

    Worried Employees

    76% of employees say that financial worries have a negative impact on their productivity.1

    Education Works

    95% of those who attended an Advancial Financial Education event plan to make a change in order to improve their financial position in the future.2

    Lowered Productivity

    55% of employees spend three or more hours of the work week dealing with their finances.3

    We Can Help You

    100% of organizations are eligible for membership with Advancial. We have partnerships with organizations around the country, across industries and of varying sizes. 

    What We Provide Organizations

    Effortless Integration

    There are no contracts to sign; simply a letter stating your organization’s desire to offer access to credit union membership through Advancial. There is no participation requirement, and Advancial will provide all of the informational materials and resources needed to introduce and maintain the relationship in the future.

    Credit Union Eligibility

    Offering credit union membership provides you with an additional benefit at no cost to your organization. This unique benefit is a helpful tool for recruiting and retaining quality employees or members. Credit union affiliation will help your organization compete for industry or community awards.

    Personalized Service

    You will receive a dedicated service professional and an operations team that knows your organization and employee’s needs. We are just a phone call or email away when you need us. 

    Financial Education

    Advancial offers on-site seminars, on-demand and live webinars, online education courses plus monthly contests and challenges designed to help attendees reach their financial goals. In fact, 95% of those who attended an Advancial Financial Education event plan to make a change in order to improve their financial future.2

    We work with you to tailor an educational program that meets the unique needs of your organization. It's not just about having access to great financial tools and products, it's about understanding the financial principles that help you use them. We offer proprietary educational programs that cover a broad range of financial topics.

    One-Stop Shop for Financial Wellbeing Resources

    Need Information?

    Advancial offers a wide range of informational pieces that explain our many financial products and services. If your company or association would like to request an informational piece in print or digital formats, please contact your Advancial Business Relations representative or send us an email at

    Available Educational Topics
    Financial FoundationFinancial Fitness
    Advancial DreamsYour Money Personality
    Banking Designed for You (Meet & Greet)Decision Fatigue
    Budgeting 101
    Financial Health CheckupFinancial Fundamentals
    Teaching Kids Financial ResponsibilityUnderstanding Your Credit Report and Score

    Improving Your Credit Report and Score
    Financial FutureIdentity Theft Protection
    Mortgage 101
    Social Security & Retirement
    Advancial @Work

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Partnering with Advancial

    To become a Select Employer Group or Select Association Group and offer Advancial membership as a company benefit, simply submit a form letter on your company’s letterhead. A sample can be found in our recruitment booklet. If you do not have a recruitment booklet, please fill out the contact form above, and we’ll reach out to provide a sample form letter. If your company has more than 3,000 employees, please contact our Business Relations department at 800.322.2709 for additional requirements and guidance.
    There is no contract to sign – simply a letter stating the company’s desire to offer access
    to credit union membership through Advancial.
    There is no minimum number of employees required. Our Select Employer Groups range in size from very large to very small. The only requirement is that your company be located within close proximity to an Advancial service center.
    We ask that you assist us in communicating information about Advancial to your employees, members or residents. We’ll provide customized marketing materials and host onsite benefit enrollment sessions as well as free financial-topic workshops that can be scheduled at your company’s convenience. You may consider appointing a company representative to act as a liaison between Advancial and your employees, members or residents.
    A Select Employer Group or Select Association Group is a group that has chosen to provide the benefit of Advancial membership to its employees or members.

    1Sourced from PwC’s 2022 Annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey.

    2 Advancial employee education survey. Data August 2022 – July 2023.

    3PwC’s 2022 Annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey.

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