Fraudsters are more active than ever and targeting credit union members and bank customers. Their new method is very clever and very deceiving.

The member receives a call or text with the number spoofed to look like it's from Advancial. It claims to be alerting the member to a fraudulent transaction. When the member responds that the transaction isn't legitimate, the fraudster then claims to be able to help and asks for the member's cuAnywhere® Online Banking username and password so they can fix the fraud for the member. Don't be fooled! These texts and calls are not legitimate. Here's an example:


No one is safe, including you! You must protect yourself and your personal information.

Here are some friendly reminders to help you avoid being scammed:

  • Don’t respond: If you aren’t familiar with the source of call, email, or text, hang up. Don’t click on any unknown links and don’t reply to unknown texts.
  • Don’t always trust your caller ID: Numbers can easily be spoofed and may appear legitimate – even Advancial or another financial institution. If a call or text seems suspicious, hang up and call using a number you know is legitimate to verify the information. 
  • Check for yourself: If a text or call alleges a transaction has been made on your account, log in to cuAnywhere Online Banking or the Advancial app and check your accounts.
  • Don’t give out your information: Never provide your username, password, security questions or any personal identifying information.
When you receive a call about fraud, remain calm and consider the situation and what the caller is asking you. Is it really about fraud that has happened or is the caller attempting to commit fraud, right now?

Remember, Advancial will never ask for your sensitive information over the phone. If you receive a suspicious call, hang up and call Advancial directly at 800.322.2709.