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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Routing Number

Advancial’s routing number is 311078857.
  • Branch Locations and Hours

    How do I find a branch location or ATM near me?

    Click on our locations page to find a branch or ATM near you.

    What are your business hours?

    Hours of operation may vary by location. To find the hours of a branch near you, please visit our locations page.

    What holidays will Advancial be closed this year?

    While Advancial observes most major holidays, branch closures may vary by location. For a complete list of closures, see our Holiday Schedule.

    ​Note: You can access your accounts 24/7 using cuAnywhere online banking and the Advancial mobile app.

    What is shared branching?

    Shared branching is a network with over 5,000 locations that allow you to conduct most of your financial business including deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, balance inquiries and fund transfers. Use our Co-op Shared Branch Locator to find the nearest location.

    How do I find a shared branch near me?

    Use our Co-op Shared Branch Locator to find the nearest location.

    Can I go to branches that belong to other financial institutions?

    Advancial is part of a shared-branching network that gives you access to 5,000+ locations nationwide where you can perform most transactions like you would at an Advancial branch.
  • Managing Your Account

    How do I change my address?

    Log in to online banking:
    • Click Manage
    • Select My Profile
    • Under My Info, select the Edit button under Telephone
    • Once you have entered your new email address, click save
    One of our friendly Member Service Representatives can also update it at your local branch or by calling 800.322.2709.

    How do I set up direct deposit?

    You will need to provide your payroll department with our ABA Routing and Transit number (311078857) as well as your Advancial account number. Your Advancial account number should consist of seven (7) or eight (8) digits - the first five (5) or six (6) digits are your account number and the next two (2) digits are the account type suffix. Click here for more detailed instructions on setting up direct deposit.

    How long will it take for my direct deposit to go into effect?

    It typically takes 30 days for direct deposit funds to start depositing into your account.

    How can I keep my account from becoming dormant?

    To keep your account from going dormant, you must make at least one transaction every six months.

    How do I sign up for eStatements?

    Signing up is quick and easy:
    • Sign in to online banking
    • Select the Accounts tab
    • Choose eStatements from the drop-down menu
    • Select “eStatements (electronic delivery)” for your delivery option
  • Online Banking

    What is cuAnywhere Online Banking?

    cuAnywhere® Online Banking is a service that provides secure online access to view account information, perform transactions and more. Advancial members around the globe have the convenience of conducting their Advancial account transactions online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    What can I do with online banking?

    Here is a list of a few of the things you can accomplish in online banking:
    • Review balances and transactions for each of your accounts
    • Transfer money between accounts
    • Send or receive wire transfers
    • Pay bills
    • Set travel notifications 
    • Apply for a loan
    • Open a savings account
    • Edit your profile information
    For more features and information about online banking, click here.

    How do I sign up for online banking?

    Click here for step by step instructions with pictures.

    1. Fill out the short registration form. You'll need either your member account number or your SSN/TIN.
    2. Choose a contact method to receive your security confirmation code.
    3. Click "SEND CODE." A code will immediately be emailed or texted to the contact selected in Step 2. For your security, the code will expire in 30 minutes. 
    4. Input the security code from the text or email in the box and click "Submit"
    5. Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    6. Done! Now you can fill out your profile information and begin taking advantage of Advancial's most robust self-service financial tool.

    How do I change my password?

    Log in to online banking, go to Manage > My Profile > Change Password. 

    If I enter an incorrect password, will the system block access to the account?

    Yes. If you enter an incorrect password five times, your account will be blocked from online banking. Click on the Forgot Password link to proceed with resetting your password following a lockout. A password reset link will be sent to your email address on file.

    My online banking password is not working. How can I get my account information?

    If your password is not working, click on the Forgot Password link to reset your password. If you continue to have issues, contact our Member Service Center at 800.322.2709.

    Can I use the same login information for online banking and the mobile app?

    Yes, including the same Security Checkpoint information.

    How do I download/print my account history?

    Select the account you wish to print the account history from under the Account Summary page. Choose the dates you would like to print from using the icons under History Actions. Once the specified dates are visible on the screen, click the download arrow under History Actions. The pop-up will give you the option to print or export. 

    How do I enroll in remote deposit?

    While logged in to your online banking account, click Make a Deposit under the Move Money tab. You must read and agree to the terms of the Remote Deposit Agreement. After clicking "Agree," you will receive an email notification within 24 business hours regarding your remote deposit approval status.

    How do I enroll in the Save Up program?

    Under the Accounts tab, select Summary to access all of your accounts. Then select the checking account you wish to enroll in the Save Up program. To the right, under the Account Actions, select the piggy bank icon titled Save UpSM. Once you click on the icon, it will prompt you to enroll in the program.

    How do I transfer money between accounts?

    Log in to online banking, click Move Money > Make a Transfer. Select the accounts you want to transfer from and to. Fill in the execution date, amount, frequency and an optional description and press Submit.

    We’ve also created a step by step video to walk you through the process.


    How long will it take for online banking transactions to post?

    Online banking transactions will be processed immediately. Our Funds Availability Policy may apply.  

    Can I access my Advancial Visa® Rewards Plus card information and make payments using online banking?

    Yes. Simply log in to your online banking account to view credit card information or make a credit card payment in the Payments tab. You can make a credit card payment through an account transfer or use an external payment source. 

    Can I pay bills with online banking?

    Yes. With our Bill Payer service, you can set up vendors to pay each month. Bill Payer service will be deactivated automatically after three (3) consecutive months of inactivity.

    How do I wire funds?

    Log in to online banking and follow the instructions below:
    • Click on "Move Money" in the menu bar
    • Select "Send or Receive Wire"
    • Follow the prompts for either "Incoming Wire" or "Outgoing Wire" 
    For wires through the mobile app:
    • Click on Transfers
    • Select Send/Receive Wire
    • Follow the prompts for either "Incoming Wire" or "Outgoing Wire" 
    You may also visit any local branch or call our Member Service Center at 800.322.2709 to use this service. 

    For security reasons, we do not post incoming or outgoing wire instructions on the website.

    How do I sign up for eStatements?

    Signing up is quick and easy:
    • Sign in to online banking
    • Select the Accounts tab
    • Choose eStatements from the drop-down menu
    Select “eStatements (electronic delivery)” for your delivery option

    How do I reset my security questions?

    Log in to online banking:
    • Under Manage, select My Profile
    • Select the Security Checkpoint tab
    • Reset your questions
    • Press Save

    Why am I having trouble signing up for online banking?

    If your email address is not on file with us, you will not be able to sign up for cuAnywhere without providing it first. This is because we use two factor authentication to keep your account safe and secure. Please call our Member Service Center to update your email and for further assistance with signing up for cuAnywhere.
  • Desktop Remote Deposit

    What is desktop remote deposit?

    Desktop remote deposit is a convenient and free way to deposit checks to your account using a camera or computer scanner. This service enables you to deposit checks from the comfort of your home without a trip to the branch or the delays of mail.

    How do I use desktop remote deposit?

    Log in to online banking, click Move Money then Make a Deposit. Follow the instructions on the screen from here. If you are having trouble, try tightly cropping the check image. 

    When are deposits made through remote deposit credited to my account?

    Items received before the cut off time of 2:30 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, will be processed on the same business day. All items deposited using remote deposit are subject to Advancial’s Funds Availability Policy as outlined in the Membership and Account Agreement
  • Membership and Account Opening

    What is Advancial's routing number?


    Who is eligible to join?

    All employees of Advancial's select employer groups and their subsidiaries are eligible to join Advancial. This benefit is also open to their immediate family members. Additionally, you are eligible to join if you live, work, worship or attend school in one of these eight Louisiana parishes: Acadia, Avoyelles, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Landry, St. Martin or Vermillion.

    How do I apply for membership?

    You can apply online, by mail or at your nearest Advancial branch.

    How do I apply for membership online?

    Visit to get started. Applying for membership online is fast, easy and secure. The process only takes about 10 minutes. 

    You will need a state issued ID and a credit or debit card to fund the membership savings account. We only require a $5 initial deposit.

    Please note: you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien and at least 18 years of age or older to apply online.

    Which membership type do I choose?

    Regular membership is for anyone over the age of 18. Money Musketeers membership is for children 12 and under. Dinero Teens membership is for anyone between the ages of 13 and 18.

    Can I open additional accounts online?

    Once you have opened a savings account, you will have access to cuAnywhere® online banking. Here, you can open and/or apply for other accounts and products, excluding a checking account. Checking accounts must be opened in a branch or by calling 800.322.2709.

    Can I apply for a loan or mortgage online?

    Membership Application PDF

    What is Share Insurance coverage?

    Advancial is federally insured by The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) which administers The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). The NCUA, like its banking counterpart, the FDIC, assures Advancial members that their money is safe. Learn more about Share Insurance Coverage.
  • Advancial Mobile App

    How do I download the Advancial mobile app?

    Simply select the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices while on your mobile phone or tablet and search for Advancial. 

    How do I enroll in mobile banking?

    To enroll in mobile banking on the app for the first time, follow these steps:
    1. Download the app on your Apple or Android device. 
    2. Open the app and tap on the menu icon in the upper left corner. 
    3. Tap on Sign Up Today and follow the instructions on the page.

    Do I need to be enrolled in cuAnywhere Online Banking in order to access mobile banking?

    Members are not required to enroll in online banking prior to using the app. You can enroll in mobile banking in the app by selecting Sign Up Today in the left hand menu.
  • Mobile Remote Deposit

    What is mobile remote deposit?

    Mobile remote deposit is a convenient and free way to deposit checks to your account using a mobile device and the Advancial app. This service enables you to deposit checks whenever and wherever you’d like without a trip to the branch or the delays of mail.

    How do I use mobile remote deposit?

    Log in to the app, then open the left hand menu. Select Mobile Deposit under the Move Money category. Then select Deposit Check on the next screen. Then follow the on-screen instructions:
    • Select the account in which to deposit the funds.
    • Enter the dollar amount of the check.
    • Tap Take Pictures.
    • Tap Front of Check. To take the picture, first place the check on a flat, uniform, dark surface. Hold the camera directly above the check and make sure it is within the white lines on the screen. Now tap the white circle icon in the corner. You should now see your photo within one of the boxes on the screen. 
    • Tap Take Back of Check and follow the same instructions from above. 
    • If you would like to delete one of the photos and take it again swipe right in that box. 
    • Tap Save Images. This will take you back to the previous screen. 
    • Now tap the Submit Deposit button. 

    How will deposits appear on my statement?

    Deposits made through remote deposit will have the description "Mobile Deposit" on your statement.

    When are deposits made through remote deposit credited to my account?

    Items received before the cut off time of 2:30 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, will be processed on the same business day. All items deposited using remote deposit are subject to Advancial’s Funds Availability Policy as outlined in the Membership and Account Agreement. 
  • Mobile Wallets

    Are mobile wallets secure?

    When you complete a transaction using your Advancial credit or debit card with a digital payment platform:
    • You don't give your physical card to anyone
    • Your name, card number and security code stay private
    • Your actual card numbers are not shared with retailers
    • The retailer receives only a transaction-specific code or "token" to process your payment

    Once I enroll in a digital payment platform, do I still have to carry my credit or debit card(s) in my wallet?

    Yes. There are still many retailers that do not accept digital payment platforms, so you will need your physical cards at those stores.

    What's the process if I return an item paid for with Apple Pay and my Advancial credit card?

    The cashier can use your device account number (DAN) to find your purchase and process the return, just like they would normally do with a physical credit or debit card payment. You'll need to give the cashier your device account number, which you can find by going to Passbook, tapping on the image of your Advancial Visa® credit card, then clicking on the information button (a lower-case letter "i" in a circle) at the bottom right of the Passbook screen.
    If the cashier needs your card details to process the return, follow the same steps you use when making a payment. Hold your device near the reader, select your Advancial Visa credit or debit card and authorize the return with Touch ID. Please note that it could take several days for a return transaction to appear on your Advancial credit card or checking account statements, depending on the return policies of the store.

    How do I enroll in Apple Pay?

    1. Click on the Wallet app on your phone.
    2. Tap the + icon.
    3. Add your card by taking a picture of it or entering the card details manually.
    You may need to complete a verification step as well.
    Please note: To ensure your enrollment goes smoothly, you should use the same contact information for your iTunes and Apple Pay accounts that you use for your Advancial Visa® credit or debit card. If there is a discrepancy, it may delay your enrollment. If your phone number, email address or mailing address has changed but you have not yet updated that contact information in your Advancial or iTunes account, you should update the incorrect information before enrolling in Apple Pay.

    What is Apple Pay?

    Apple Pay is the easy method for owners of Apple Touch ID™ devices to pay for purchases with the touch of a finger. With Apple Pay, you can pay for in-store purchases at retailers equipped with contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) checkout terminals and you can pay for online purchases within participating apps.

    How do I use Apple Pay at a store?

    If the payment terminal is enabled for Apple Pay use, all you need to do to pay is hold your phone up to the checkout terminal and put your finger on the Touch ID sensor at the bottom of your phone. 

    Please note: Although your iPhone screen will display a fingerprint image to prompt you to place your finger on the Touch ID sensor, that fingerprint image is a prompt only. To finalize your Apple Pay transaction, you must place your finger on the Touch ID sensor at the bottom of your phone, not on the fingerprint image on the screen.

    What merchants accept Apple Pay?

    How do I use Google Pay?

    Follow these three steps:
    1) Download Google Pay on your phone.
    2) Add you Advancial Visa Card.
    3) Pay at over one million locations nationwide.

    You may also need to complete a verification step.


    Is Google Pay secure?

    Google Pay is as convenient as it is secure. Google Pay never uses your actual card number. Instead, it uses a virtual account number so your actual credit card number stays sage.

    Where can I access a list of merchants that accept Google Pay?

    To see a full list of stores accepting Google Pay, click here. 

    How does Samsung Pay work?

    Advancial supports Samsung Pay™ for both Advancial credit and debit cards. Download Samsung Pay. The setup is simple:
    • Make sure your compatible Samsung device is updated with the latest Samsung Pay app.
    • Take a picture of your Advancial Visa® card with your device's camera.
    • Secure it with your fingerprint and backup pin. You're good to go!

    Is Samsung Pay secure?

    Samsung Pay transactions are authorized with your fingerprint and use a digital identifier instead of your card number. Even if your phone is compromised, the technology encrypts your card info within a separate, secure data vault.

    Where can I use Samsung Pay?

    Samsung Pay makes paying with your phone easy. It works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap a card. To see a full list of Samsung Pay merchants, click here
  • Checking

    Can I open a checking account without opening a savings account?

    No, your savings account is your share in Advancial.  It gives you ownership and voting rights at the credit union. A savings account with a small initial deposit of just $5 is required to access all of Advancial’s financial services.

    How do I change my debit card PIN?

    To change or reset your PIN, call our PIN Now line at 1.888.891.2435 (U.S.) or 206.467.1552 (International) and follow the instructions.  You will need to have your card handy.  You can also visit us at any of our locations for assistance with resetting your PIN.

    Are checks included with my checking account?

    All members receive one free box of checks per year. 

    How do I order checks?

    Simply click here and follow the instructions to order checks online. You may also contact your local branch, our Member Service Center or order them under the "Manage" tab in online banking.

    Does Advancial offer overdraft protection?

    Yes, Advancial Check Clear® is a courtesy overdraft program tied to your checking account. This service includes a $25.00 Insufficient Funds (NSF) fee which will be charged a maximum of twice per day.  We also offer free overdraft transfers from savings or a line of credit. To enroll in one of these services, please call 800.322.2709

    Why is the available balance on my savings and checking accounts sometimes different from my actual balance?

    If you use your Advancial debit card to make purchases, the merchant may put a hold on your account for the purchase amount. Once the charge comes through on your account, the hold is released.

    What do I do if my debit/ATM card is lost or stolen?

    If your card is lost or stolen, call us at 800.322.2709.

    What additional services does Advancial offer?

    We offer a variety of additional services, including:
    • Notary services- Each Advancial branch has a notary public on staff to help you complete important documentation.
    • Safe deposit boxes- Protect your valuables from fire, theft or other unexpected incidences that can happen at home. Our safe deposit boxes are both secure and affordable.
    Click here to learn more our additional services.

    Does Advancial reimburse ATM fees?

    Yes. With Ultimate Checking, Advancial ATMs do not charge any fees. If you are charged ATM fees from another financial institution, we will automatically reimburse those fees.

    What is Save Up?

    Save UpSM makes saving an easy, automatic process. By automatically rounding up your transactions and depositing it into your savings account you'll reach your savings goals in no time. Plus Advancial matches 100% of your transfers for the first 30 days and 5% thereafter. 
  • Savings

    What is the minimum balance for a savings account?

    The minimum balance is $5. The minimum balance to earn dividends is $100.

    How many withdrawals can I make from my savings account each month?

    You can make up to six (6) withdrawals on your savings account per month. Note: Transferring money from your savings to a checking account will count as one of the six transactions.

    Why is there a limit on my savings withdrawals?

    Savings withdrawals are governed by Regulation D, a rule established by the Federal Reserve. This regulation states exactly how many withdrawal transactions can be made on each type of savings account.

    Does Advancial offer a youth savings account?

    Yes, we created the Money Musketeers Program to educate children under the age of 12 about the importance of saving.

    We also offer the Dinero Teens Program for ages 13-18, which includes a savings account, checking account and the opportunity to apply for a Dinero Visa at age 16. An adult is required to be a joint owner of the Dinero Visa.

    What is an ATM card?

    An ATM card allows you to withdraw funds from your savings account at an ATM. However, it cannot be used to make purchases.

    How do I request an ATM card for my savings account?

    Visit your local branch or call 800.322.2709 to request an ATM card.
  • Credit Cards

    How do I change my credit card PIN?

    To change or reset your PIN, call our PIN Now line at 1.888.891.2435 (U.S.) or 206.467.1552 (International) and follow the instructions.  You will need to have your card handy.  You can also visit us at any of our locations for assistance with resetting your PIN.

    How can I view my Advancial credit card balance and history?

    Log in to online banking to view your balance and history information. Under the Credit Card section, click Visa Rewards Plus.

    Do you offer secured credit cards?

    Yes, we offer a savings secured credit card that allows you to improve your credit history responsibly.

    How do I report my lost credit card?

    If your credit card is lost or stolen, please call 800.322.2709 immediately.

    How do I transfer a balance?

    If you are a current member and already have a Visa Rewards Plus credit card, you can transfer your balance through online banking. Log in to online banking > click on your credit card> select Account Actions > click the Balance Transfer icon.

    Through online banking, you can also initiate a balance transfer by going to Manage > Card Management > Balance Transfer.

    You can also fill out a balance transfer form at your local branch or by calling 800.322.2709.
  • Reward Points

    How do I earn reward points?

    You earn reward points every time you use your Advancial credit or debit card.

    You will earn debit card rewards at a rate of 1 point per $5 spent.

    Credit card rewards are earned at a rate of 1 point per $1 spent. Make 25+ purchases or spend $2,500 on your credit card and you’ll 50% extra points on all purchases during that billing cycle.

    Can I combine my credit and debit card reward points?

    Yes, you can pool your points to earn rewards even faster.

    Do my reward points ever expire?

    No, your reward points will never expire.

    How can I redeem my reward points?

    Enjoy an exciting reward selection including merchandise, travel, gift cards and charitable donations. We offer popular brands such as Apple, Beats, The North Face, GoPro, Macy's, Crate & Barrel, J.Crew, REI, Starbucks and more. Visit the Advancial Rewards site.

    How can I view my reward point balance?

    You can view your balance through online banking. Simply click one of the account names to open the Account Details section.
  • Loans

    Do I need a savings account to apply for a loan?

    No, you do not need a savings account to apply for a loan. If your loan is approved, we will open a savings account for you during the loan process.

    Why do I need a savings account in order to finance my loan?

    You must be a member of Advancial in order to finance your loan. The savings account is considered your membership account and provides you with full access to our products and services.

    How do I know what the payoff amount is on my loan?

    The payoff amounts will be listed in the Account detail screen in online banking for each loan and/or credit card.

    What is the loan payoff address?

    You may mail checks payable to Advancial Federal Credit Union at 1845 Woodall Rodgers Fwy., Ste. 1300 Dallas, TX 75201.

    How can I make my loan payment online?

    There are two ways to make a loan payment online.
    Using Online Banking
    • Log in to online banking
    • Click the Payments Tab
    • Choose Pay my loan or credit card
    • Follow the prompts to complete payment
    You can set up recurring or automatic payments through online banking
    Using Make a Payment
    • On our home page, click Make a Payment
    • Enter your account number and last 4 digits of your social security
    • Follow the prompts to complete payment
    This feature allows you to make a one-time loan payment without logging in to online banking.

    How can I check the status of a loan application at Advancial?

    Call 800.322.2709 to check the status of your loan application.

    What happens when I pay off my car loan?

    If you pay off your car loan, Advancial will release the lien on the vehicle with your state of residence. The state will then process that release of lien and send you the title between 4-6 weeks after your pay off date. Due to varying policies and procedures between each state, we can’t say for sure how long it will take for the title to be sent to you.
    If you trade in your vehicle and pay off your loan as a result, there’s nothing left for you to do! We’ll work with the dealer on everything else.
    If you are in an accident and the vehicle is paid off as a result of your insurance or GAP coverage, we’ll work with those respective companies directly.
  • Application Process

    Can anyone apply for a loan through Advancial?

    Yes, all are welcome to complete a loan application. In the event you are not currently an Advancial member, a Member Service Representative will contact you to discuss how you may be eligible for Advancial membership.

    I submitted my application. What happens next?

    In most cases, a Member Service Representative will contact you within 24 hours or the first business day after your application is submitted. You may also call us at 800.322.2709 to expedite your application process. 

    I applied for a loan, but did not get a response. What should I do?

    If you received an error message, your application may not have been processed. Please call 800.322.2709 or your local branch to verify your application was received. 

    What information or documents will I need in order to complete my loan application?

    Information or documents may include:
    • Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
    • Date of birth
    • Address history for the past two years
    • Email address
    • Annual income and employment information
    • Paystub(s) for the current month for you and your co-applicant (if applicable)
    • Income/rents generated for any other property you own (such as rental property)
  • CPI

    What is CPI?

    CPI stands for Collateral Protection Insurance. If there is a loan associated with your vehicle, you are required to carry full coverage insurance in the event the vehicle is damaged.  If proper proof of insurance is not provided within the allotted time period, a CPI premium may be applied to a member's loan balance. 

    How does CPI work?

    If we do not receive proper proof of insurance, CPI is added to the loan. There is a flat rate of $65 per month, regardless of the member's loan balance. The loan payment is not increased, but the term of the loan could be extended depending on how many months CPI has been applied. If the address on file is current, the member will receive two letters and a policy in the mail before CPI is initially added to the loan. Two letters are subsequently mailed each month before the next monthly premium is added.

    What types of loans are subject to CPI?

    Any loan that requires collateral. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Vehicles
    • Motorcycles
    • RVs
    • Motorhomes
    • Boats
    • 5th Wheels
    • Travel trailers
    • Campers
    • Airplanes and aircrafts

    What insurance do I need in order to avoid CPI?

    You must carry comprehensive and collision insurance with deductibles of $1,000.00 or less. Furthermore, Advancial must be listed as a lienholder on the policy.

    How do I show adequate proof of insurance?

    Follow these steps to avoid CPI:
    1. Obtain insurance for your new vehicle from your agent.
    2. Ask your insurance agent to send a Declarations Page to Advancial at the address below. This document will usually have all of the necessary information needed to show proof of insurance coverage.
    3. Use the Insurance Verification Checklist below to ensure the documents you send have the necessary information.
    4. If you have a Break in Coverage, when your insurance policy cancels, you must gain new coverage within 30 days of the previous policy’s cancellation date.
    Mail to:
    Advancial Federal Credit Union
    Attn: Vehicle Insurance
    1845 Woodall Rodgers Fwy., Ste. 1300
    Dallas, TX 75201
    Insurance Verification Checklist:
    • Proof of full coverage (comprehensive and collision) with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Deductibles of $1,000.00 or less 
    • All borrowers listed on the loan should be named as drivers on the policy
    • Advancial listed as lienholder/loss payee
    Do not only send a copy of your liability card. A liability card does not contain the information needed to avoid CPI.
  • Mortgage

    Do I have to be a member to get a mortgage through Advancial Mortgage?

    Anyone can apply for a mortgage with Advancial Mortgage. Should you decide to finance your mortgage with us, your loan officer will help you complete the documents to become an Advancial member in order to complete the loan process.

    Can I apply for a mortgage before I find a property to purchase?

    Applying for a mortgage before you find a home may be the best thing you could do! When you apply for your mortgage before you have a property to purchase we will issue a pre-approval letter to assure real estate brokers and sellers that you are a qualified buyer. When you find the perfect home, call your Advancial Mortgage Loan Officer to complete your application. You’ll have the opportunity to lock in your rate and we’ll complete the loan processing.

    Are there any location restrictions?

    No. Advancial Mortgage provides mortgages in all 50 states.

    Can I qualify for a mortgage loan if I am an expatriate (non-citizen) living in the U.S.?

    Different guidelines are established for non-citizens. Each loan type varies and the documentation you can provide will determine which loan type will fit your scenario. It's best to contact an Advancial Mortgage Loan Officer to discuss your options.

    What is your minimum credit score requirement?

    There are mortgage programs available for virtually every situation. It is best to call an Advancial Mortgage Loan Officer for more information.

    What is the minimum down payment?

    Up to 97% financing is available. Higher down payments may be required based on your specific situation.

    What information do I need to apply for a mortgage?

    In all mortgage applications, Advancial Mortgage will ask for information regarding your employment, income, assets, debts and the prospective property you intend to purchase. Other information may be needed depending on your situation. For more information, please refer to our Application Checklist.

    Will there be a fee charged when I apply?

    Unlike many lenders, Advancial Mortgage does not charge an application fee.

    How long will it take to close my loan?

    Our goal is to have your loan ready for closing as soon as possible. Generally we can close your loan within 30 – 45 days. However, if there are delays in submitting the required documentation, or there is a problem with your title work or appraisal, the process may take longer.

    Does applying automatically lock in an interest rate?

    No. You should contact us to lock in your rate once a property has been identified.

    When can I lock into an interest rate? How long does that rate last?

    An Advancial Mortgage Loan Officer will provide you with your rate lock options once you have submitted your application. Typically rate locks last for a period of 60 days.

    What are closing costs?

    Closing costs may include fees for an appraisal, title insurance, a property survey, and points. Closing costs vary depending on the loan product and the fees that are customary in your area. You will receive a good faith estimate of your closing costs in advance of your closing date.

    Can closing costs be rolled into my loan?

    Closing costs can be rolled into refinanced mortgages only, provided you have the equity in the value of the property.

    What is the difference between interest rate and APR?

    The interest rate is the cost to borrow the money disbursed in the loan. The APR is the total cost of the loan over its life, including costs, fees and points.

    What are points?

    Points are a one-time fee that the borrower pays to lower the interest rate. One point equals one percent of your loan amount.

    What is PITI?

    This is the principal, interest, taxes and insurance payment on your mortgage.

    What is mortgage insurance?

    Mortgage insurance, also known as PMI, is insurance that protects the lender from losses when a mortgage with a low down payment defaults. A low down payment is usually defined as less than 20% of the purchase price or appraised value, whichever is less.

    How do I know if I need mortgage insurance? If I do need it, how do I get it?

    If you make a down payment less than 20% of the purchase price, you are required to have mortgage insurance. Advancial Mortgage works with several companies that can provide assistance in obtaining mortgage insurance.

    What inspections are required in conjunction with my mortgage?

    Advancial Mortgage requires an appraisal on most transactions. If the appraiser recommends repairs or if repairs are mentioned in the contract, Advancial will require that those repairs be done before closing. The appraiser will then perform a final inspection to assure that the repairs were completed.

    How does an appraisal affect my mortgage amount?

    Advancial Mortgage will extend a mortgage based on the appraised value of the home or the purchase price, whichever is less.

    Do I get a copy of the appraisal?

    As soon as we receive your appraisal, we will update your loan with the estimated value of the home. As a standard practice, we will provide a copy of your appraisal at closing.

    How can I get a copy of my credit report?

    To obtain a copy of your credit report visit or call 1.877.322.8228. The law allows you to order one free copy of your report from each of the nationwide consumer reporting companies every 12 months. Reviewing your credit report prior to applying for a mortgage will give you the opportunity to identify and resolve any credit issues or discrepancies.

    Will my mortgage be sold to another lender?

    Advancial Mortgage processes, closes and funds your loan through Advancial Federal Credit Union. In some cases, the servicing, or the collecting of payments, of your loan may be sold to another lender. This is done to allow us to obtain the best possible rate for our members. This in no way changes any terms or conditions of your loan. By law, once your loan closes, the terms and conditions cannot be changed.

    How do I make my mortgage payment online?

    Payment can be made on: the Midwest Loan Services website (Advancial’s mortgage partner), Advancial’s cuAnywhere® Online Banking or by mail.

    Set up your monthly mortgage payment with the Midwest Loan Services website:
    Go to and follow the navigation below.
    • Borrower
    • Automatic Monthly Payments
    • ** ENROLL ONLINE TODAY ** Enter in your information
      • Loan number:_____________________________________________________________
      • The loan number consists of nine digits located on your payment coupons received from Midwest Loan Services
      • Last four digits of your Social Security number
      • Five-digit ZIP code for the mortgaged property
      • Original loan term in months (for example, a 30 year term would be 30 X 12 = 360 months)
      • Create a password for your account
      • Email address and your phone number to be contacted
      • Scroll down to enter payment information:
        • Pick an account to use for your monthly mortgage payment (either Advancial or non-Advancial)
        • Enter your account's ABA Routing Number (If Advancial is your payment account, your ABA Routing Number is 311078857)
        • Enter in the account number used for monthly payments (checking or savings)
        • If Advancial is your payment account, locate your account number by viewing the Account Number column on the Accounts Summary page in online banking (e.g.: If your account is displayed as 123456-0001 you would enter 12345601 as our account number)
        • Optional: add an account description, such as “Mortgage Payment”
    Set up your monthly mortgage payment with Advancial’s online Bill Payer:
    Login to cuAnywhere® Online Banking and follow the navigation below.
    • Select Bill Payer from the drop-down list on the main tab
    • Click Add Payee and enter Midwest Loan Services in the search box
      • Advancial automatically adds the payment address in Bill Payer for you
    • Payment Setup box needs two pieces of information:
      • Account Number - Your Midwest Loan Services loan number (found on payment coupons from Midwest Loan Services)
      • Category - Use the drop-down box to select Mortgage and click on Confirm
    * Monthly payments can be automated by entering the appropriate information for your loan.

    Where can I mail a check for my mortgage payment?

    Please mail to:
    Midwest Loan Services
    P.O. Box 188
    Houghton, MI 49931-0188
    If you have any questions call Advancial Mortgage at 888.876.2328.

    If you are paying off your mortgage please contact Midwest Loan Services at 800.262.6574 to request a payoff quote from a service representative.
  • Card Updater

    Why should I use Card Updater?

    The card updater will make your life easier! It is a secure tool to update and replace your old credit cards on your online accounts with your new credit card - all in one step in one place.

    Is there a fee to update my cards?

    No. There is no fee for cardholders to update their cards 

    What does Card Updater actually do?

    The service will go to all of your selected sites to automatically and securely update your card as the default payment method at those sites.

    The technology will safely and securely update your preferred payment method on the selected sites, saving you time and energy from going to each individual site and entering your payment information.

    What happens if I have two different cards that I'd like to update on my accounts?

    Once you've completed the updates for your first card you may start the process over again with your second card. 

    Is Card Updater secure?

    Yes! End-to-end encryption means no one can access your sensitive information but you. The security design exceeds Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Services (PCI DSS) requirements

    What information is stored?

    None of your personally identifiable information is stored during or upon completion of updating your sites. Your sensitive information is securely and permanently discarded once it is placed on the merchant sites you have selected.

    How is my information protected?

     Your information is protected in transport with multi-level end-to-end encryption (256-bit SSL/TLS) 

    What personal and financial information is kept after I finish using the automatic updating tool?

    All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) information is NOT kept. The only information kept is audit records about what payment methods were placed on which sites, but no account numbers, security codes, addresses, etc. are kept after the update completes.

    What if I do not know my merchant site credentials?

    You will need to know your username/email and password for each merchant site to complete the update process.

    Can I change to a different card later?

    You can go to the merchant sites individually and change what card you have on file at any time.

    I don't see the site I'd like to update on the list. What can I do?

    We've listed the top sites where you might want to update your card. If you don't see the site you would like to update, you may go to the site individually and update it manually.

    Will my billing address also update on the merchant accounts?

     Yes, the billing address given during the first step of the updating process will be updated on the sites you select along with the card number.

    How long until my new card is updated at my merchant account and is ready to be used?

    Within minutes of completing the card updating process, you will receive an email with the status of your merchant account updates. A successful update means the new card information is set as your preferred payment method at that site and you may shop, stream, and pay as you please! 

    What do I do if I use this tool to update a site but I don't see my card on that account?

    Check to make sure you provided the right login credentials, or you may go to the sites individually and update them manually.

    What should I do if I received a status email stating one of the site updates failed?

    Check to make sure you provided the right login credentials, or you may go to the sites individually and update them manually.

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