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    Dinero Teens: Why Advancial Versus Other Alternatives?

    Life is full of choices, including whether to bank with a credit union, like Advancial, or a traditional bank. Unlike banks, credit unions like Advancial are not-for-profit organizations that exist exclusively to serve their members. Profits earned by a credit union are returned to members via higher savings rates, lower loan rates and fewer fees. Additionally, credit unions offer more personal and friendly service to members than what you might receive from a traditional bank.
    Because of these differences, Advancial boasts a 94% retention rate with its members compared to the average customer retention rate of banks of 75%. In addition, when Advancial members were asked, “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend Advancial to a friend or family member,” the average score was 8.4.
    Why else should you consider being an Advancial member?
    • Advancial helps you save more money – By providing lower interest rates on loans, higher savings rates and lower fees than what banks offer, credit unions help you save more of your money. Even if your financial gain from Advancial is just $20 or $30 a month (and with many members, it’s much more), in a single year, that adds up to hundreds of dollars! The Credit Union National Association estimates that members of credit unions like Advancial save around $13.5 billion per year in total over their banking counterparts!
    • Advancial emphasizes financial education – Unlike many banks, which have little to no interest in providing financial education to its customers, Advancial is committed to improving their members’ financial knowledge. That’s why we offer financial education to members of all ages and why Advancial employees are always happy to answer members’ financial questions.
    • Advancial features democratic leadership – Unlike banks, which typically make decisions to benefit their stockholders and not their customers, credit unions operate democratically, for the benefit of their members. Advancial is run by a volunteer board of directors elected by members to oversee the credit union’s operations and represent members’ best interests.
    Contact Advancial to learn more about becoming a member of one of the nation’s oldest and most reliable credit unions.
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