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    Make a Plan to Reach Your Financial Goals

    Think about your financial goals for a moment. Do you picture yourself buying a home or taking a much-needed vacation? Are you focused on building a financial safety net or saving for retirement? Although challenges and setbacks may throw you off course, it’s easier to bounce back when you have a plan for reaching your goals.

    At Advancial, we can help you build a brighter future with financial services you can count on. As a not-for-profit financial institution, we’re committed to providing the tools and services you need to reach your financial goals. Here are some ways we can help you on a path to financial security:

    Streamline your budget. Take control of your finances with a checking account that works as hard as you do. With Ultimate Checking, there’s no minimum deposit or monthly service fee, so the savings start immediately. You can also grow your savings with the Save UpSM program that automatically rounds up your debit card transactions and transfers the difference from your checking to your savings account. Plus, you’ll enjoy unlimited free ATMs worldwide and access to 5,000+ shared branches nationwide.

    Improve your credit. Managing a credit card, auto loan or student loan wisely is key to building good credit. Lenders will review your ability to handle credit responsibly when looking to approve you for more substantial loans or lines of credit down the road. Paying your bills on time shows good money management habits, and you can stay on track by setting up automatic payments. If you need help establishing or rebuilding credit, check out our Savings Secured Visa® credit card.

    Grow your savings. Our lineup of savings products are designed to help you build financial security over time. When you open a certificate for a specified term, you lock in a higher rate than a regular savings account. Depending on your goals, a money market or individual retirement account can also help boost your savings. Learn more about our high-yield savings options to boost your savings potential.

    Create an emergency fund. Having an emergency fund can be a lifesaver when unexpected expenses pop up. Experts recommend having three to six months of essential living expenses in a liquid savings account for emergencies. Consider making savings automatic with direct deposit or recurring transfers.

    Use credit cards to your advantage. With our Visa® Rewards Plus credit card, every purchase earns unlimited rewards up to 1.5%1 that can be used for cash back, gift cards, travel, merchandise or almost anything else. You’ll also have a 12-month introductory period with no interest, allowing you to pay off your balances at your own pace. After the 12-month intro period, your rate will only be 8.90%-14.90% based on creditworthiness.

    Apply for a home loan. When you’re ready to buy a home, we’re here to help. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage puts you in a stronger position to know how much you can afford and make an offer in a competitive market.

    Pay down debt. Seek smart solutions such as consolidating debt, refinancing to a lower-rate loan and creating a plan to manage debt. We have the tools to help you create a debt-reduction strategy that works for you.

    Go digital. Manage your finances wherever you are with our mobile banking app and cuAnywhere® Online Banking. Mobile wallets and person-to-person payments make transactions easy and fast.

    Save time and money when you bring all of your financial accounts and needs together at Advancial. We’re here to help you streamline and simplify your finances. Go to or call us at 800.322.2709 for more information.

    1 Earn unlimited 1% rewards on all purchases up to $2,500 and unlimited 1.5% rewards on all purchases when you spend $2,500+ or make 25+ purchases in one statement cycle.
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