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    Mobile Wallets Provide a Contactless Way to Pay

    Tired of carrying around a wallet stuffed with cards? Don’t like waiting for a chip card to process? Worried about the germs on the payment terminal? Try using a mobile wallet!


    Your phone or smartwatch can do more than manage your financial accounts and make mobile deposits. Another tool at your disposal is the mobile wallet. You might have heard of mobile wallet apps such as Apple Pay®, Google PayTM or Samsung Pay®. These special apps can hold digital versions of your compatible debit and credit cards, so you can use your devices to make purchases in-store or online. Simply look for the logo of your mobile wallet or the contactless symbol. It’s a fast, secure and convenient way to pay.


    Mobile wallets come with a few advantages over their plastic counterparts:
    • Payments are made in seconds by tapping or waving your smart device over the payment terminal.
    • They’re more secure. While it’s easy for someone to use your card if you lose it, it’s much harder for someone to use a mobile wallet on your lost (and locked) phone. Additionally, mobile wallets send a secure, single-use signal every time a payment is made, which isn’t useable even if intercepted by a thief. Mobile wallet transactions don’t actually use your card number, keeping it safe from fraudsters.
    • Millions of retail locations and online merchants let you pay with mobile wallets, with more adding compatibility each day.

    If you’re an Advancial member with an Ultimate Checking account, you can add your Visa® debit card to your mobile wallet and enjoy the fantastic benefits of your card alongside the security and convenience of your mobile wallet. Plus, if you have a Visa® Rewards Plus credit card, you can add it to your wallet and enjoy the flexibility of choosing the right card for the right moment. Learn how to add your Advancial cards to your mobile wallet.
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