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    Boat Loans

    Make a splash with a new boat!

    Low, fixed rates and monthly payments
    Same rate for new and used boats
    Terms available up to 15 years
    Discounted rate when you sign up for automatic payments

    More Adventures

    RV Loans

    Advancial makes it easy to enjoy adventures on the open road with great financing options for a variety of recreational vehicles. 

    All of our loans come with low rates and the personalized service you won’t get anywhere else. Start exploring the great outdoors with an easy and affordable RV loan from Advancial!
    Hit the Open Road

    Current Rates

    Loan Type 3 year 4 year 5 year 6 year 7 year 10 year 12 year 15 year
    Auto¹ 6.41% 6.52% 6.64% 7.34% 7.91% - - -
    Auto Lease Contact your branch or call us at 1.800.322.2709 for more information and help finding your next vehicle.
    Boat² - 7.40% 7.52% 7.60% 7.70% 7.91% 7.94% 8.33%
    Motor Home & Travel Trailer² - 7.78% 7.91% 7.98% 8.09% 8.20% 8.24% 8.36%
    Motorcycle, Jet Ski, ATV & Pop-up Camper² 8.25% 8.36% 8.52% 8.60% - - - -

    Frequently Asked Questions about Boat Loans

    No, you do not need a savings account to apply for a loan. If your loan is approved, we will open a savings account for you during the loan process. You must make an initial $5 deposit into your savings account upon opening.
    Call 800.322.2709 to speak to a Member Service Representative to check the status of your loan application.  
    The payoff amounts will be listed in the Account Detail screen in cuAnywhere® Online Banking and the Advancial Mobile App for each loan.  
    You can make your loan payments through cuAnywhere® Online Banking and the Advancial Mobile App. You can also make a one-time payment online without having to log in.

    For cuAnywhere and the Advancial Mobile App:
    1. Log in to cuAnywhere Online Banking or the Advancial Mobile App
    2. Select Payments > Pay My Loan or Credit Card
    3. If making your payment using an external account, you can add that information under the Manage Payment Sources section
    4. Select whether you’d like to make you payment from an Advancial or external account and follow the provided steps
    5. If you’d like to set up recurring payments, select Monthly for the Payment Frequency option
    6. Click Submit
    To make a one-time payment:
    1. Go to
    2. Select the round Pay button next to the cuAnywhere Online Banking log in on the home page
    3. Enter your account number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
    4. Select Continue
    5. Enter your payment details  
    You must be a member of Advancial in order to finance your loan. The savings account is considered your membership account and provides you with full access to our products and services.
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    1 Additional rate discounts do not apply.
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