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    Advancial Launches Newly Redesigned Website

    DALLAS (January 23, 2024) — Advancial Federal Credit Union launched a new public-facing website on Tuesday evening. Streamlined and modern, the newly redesigned site includes multiple technical upgrades that will improve security, expand accessibility, and simplify the user interface and experience.

    “Our prior website served our members well, but after five years it was time for an upgraded content management system” said Brent Sheffield, Advancial’s President and CEO. “Advancial has always been innovative, so this project focused on establishing a firm technological foundation for us to continuously improve upon.”

    Working closely for more than a year with BlueModus, a nationally recognized digital agency, Advancial’s marketing team built a website that is five times faster than their prior site, while maintaining the easy and robust functionality Advancial’s members have come to expect. “It was unbelievably fun and rewarding to work with the Advancial team on this project,” Becki Dilworth, Chief Strategy Officer, shared. “Their passion for serving their members was infectious – we are so thrilled with the member-focused experience this site delivers.”
    The new site features a clean, modern aesthetic that maintains Advancial’s signature wave design throughout. “We wanted to avoid the boxy look that seems to be popular with websites right now,” said Deborah Griesbach, Advancial’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The wave has become a defining feature of our brand and we love the sense of movement and flow it creates as users journey through our site.”

    Members will enjoy a newly simplified menu structure focused on getting them the excellent financial products they need quickly. For those members who prefer to browse less, the site’s search function has been upgraded with smart, auto-fill functionality similar to what is commonly found in search engines.

    “While our aim is to organize our content clearly so that members don’t need to use the search, our data shows that some users just prefer to go straight to the search bar instead of trying to browse, so we wanted to make sure their experience was just as seamless” said Griesbach. “Launching the site is the culmination of years of work, and we’re thrilled to be able to share the fruit of that labor with our members. And just like our amazing products, this new site will be paying dividends for our members for years to come!”

    With a history dating back to 1937, Advancial provides a diversified line of advanced financial solutions to its members. Today, Advancial is a full-service financial institution that serves more than 120,000 members worldwide and has assets of approximately $2.3 billion. For more information, please visit the Advancial website at

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